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We took the Jab. Now we are Offended

In Ireland, as most government Covid quarantine mandates were suddenly removed without prior warning last week it left many of the vaxed feeling undermined, exposed and perplexed. Indeed they felt somewhat short changed and even offended. They are not offended because they weren’t given prior notice and not even because of concerns of being exposed to the great unwashed, non conforming non vaxed and not even because they are concerned about the health implications. They are offended because…. because well… aren’t you?

As Good as Racism without the Stigma

They are quite justifiably offended because they no longer enjoy the position of playing “superior”, engaging in virtue signalling, lecturing others, those who should know better or shunning the great unvaxed that they enjoyed for the last few months. They were so proud of their conformity and obedience to “science”, the media fear porn and the countless government mandates. They could safely feel and act superior without being accused of racism or bigotry, God Forbid. Meanwhile they remain totally unaware of their genetic modification and their new transhumant status. Well aren’t they a whole new species? Maybe if they thought about it, it would give them a whole new sense of privilege. After all privilege is where it’s at. Everything else is so last century. One must keep up with the times.

For the Good of Mankind

Many made the excuse that they took the jab only to travel, to go to nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, cinemas or to the gym. Their comfort zone routine could not be disturbed under any circumstances. They neither had the imagination to do some independent research that would have quickly exposed the big pandemic lie nor had they the courage to fight for their human integrity. They bought into the media narrative of the pandemic that caused pandemonium.

My Body My Choice

Many were the same people who were shouting and carrying placards saying “My body my choice.” They forgot that while screaming at everyone to wear a mask, social distant and get vaxed for their protection. They lorded over the rest of society as if they were contaminated while playing the elite role the government allowed them to play in exchange for their blind obedience. Their stunning inability to think and decide for themselves, their name calling when challenged rather than trying to justify their position and their overall cognitive dissonance defined their singular mindset.

They are now seriously offended because the ‘privileges’ to behave normally have been extended to the rest of society which leaves them without any semblance of their superior position or status.

My Passport, My Privilege

How can one now entertain the possibility of going to the same places that the great unvaccinated are allowed to inhabit without even a digital green passport? Didn’t one take the jab for the privilege of to gaining the exclusivity passport and the exclusive right to inhabit those places? They were promised and prompted and pushed and pursued to act for all the right reasons and now they are offended. Of course they are deeply offended and rightly so. This is not about anything so mundane as health as is obvious by the way that most of them take care of their health. They want their recently gained right and privilege to enjoy that special feeling of being superior back. After all didn’t they take the jab for it?


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