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You need the Irish People and the Irish People need you

The Irish People is a reader-supported online newspaper and soon to be a hard copy newspaper. To receive regular online posts of the Irish People and to support our work in providing you with news that the mainstream media refuse to provide. We invite you to consider becoming a free or a paid subscriber.

We put all our resources into providing you with vitally important news that the mainstream Irish media ignore, suppress or distort in support of their oppressive globalist narrative. We aim to offer you currently important, historically engaging and content relevant to the times we live in, in both written & podcast format.

To enable us to continue providing you with and further expand the content and scope of the Irish People there is a monthly €1 subscription or €11 annual subscription option for anyone that can afford that option. We also welcome donations. Your financial support will enable us to keep providing you with real news, vital news, exciting news and articles that the mainstream media wouldn’t dare to publish!

Most of our content will always be free so you can sign up for a free subscription also and you can unsubscribe from any subscription (Paid or Free) at the click of a button.

Your Independent Voluntary Newspaper

The Irish people is the work of a collective of concerned Irish people disgusted with the one sided slant of today’s Irish Media in pursuit of its rampant globalist agenda. Although our financial resources are very limited nonetheless we are doing this entirely from our own meagre resources. The Irish People is purely a voluntary endeavour and we invite input and contributions from likeminded volunteers as well as involvement at every level. We need all the support we can get providing it does not involve compromising our Nationalist and fiercely independent ethos. If you want a refreshing alternative to the jaded old propagandist media support the Irish People by making it your media.

No Media Hacks or Corporate Compromise

We will not accept articles from NUJ members or any otherwise compromised or globalist agenda driven journalists. If you have access to suppressed news or something you consider relevant or important to say you can be one of our reporters, journalists or columnist.

We will only accept advertising from Irish local, small or SME businesses excluding those in banking, legal, financial or of a corporate or multinational nature. We invite and welcome local Irish advertising. We will not be bought and owned like the entire Irish media.

A Monthly Newspaper with Daily News

Because of our limited resources we can at this time only produce a monthly paper. Its format will be a hard copy tabloid size newspaper together with an online version of same. While this in itself can and will be wonderful and refreshing in the face of the tired old repetitive media that we are competing against it leaves a major gap in our ability to present you with important current news.

We will combat that by presenting you with relevant articles and news as it happens on a regular basis on this online platform. This platform also provides us with the opportunity to present you with video and audio presentations of everything from current affairs to music, song and entertainment. The Irish People newspaper and online platform aim’s to be everything from liberal to conservative and neither Left nor Right leaning but always fiercely independent but can only be typecast as thoroughly nationalistic in our support of the Irish people. As the old Scottish proverb says “An eagle cannot fly on one wing”.

Say Hello to the World on Your Multimedia Platform

We are particularly interested in providing a medium for Irish artists from the visual arts to the presentation of the works of original Irish composers and singers that at present are being largely shut out by the closed shop of both radio and TV. If you are not in with the in crowd you are excluded by them. You must be given a platform, a showcase, a voice to introduce your talent and genius to both Ireland and the world. If you want your book reviewed, this is your platform. We will also be profiling and promoting interesting businesses especially start-ups. The Irish People online platform will be more than a newspaper. It will be a multimedia platform to enable you to communicate with Ireland and the world. At last you can create a public presence for yourself as yours and our audience grow together. We are in this together. Let us make it work together.


  1. This is a fantastic creation, well done to everyone who had a hand in bringing this forth to not only the Irish nation , but to the whole world , congratulations Tom and co.


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