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New Electric Busses a Fire Hazard

Those nice new eCitaro electric busses are being tested by bus fleets all around Europe. In the German cities of Hanover and Dusseldorf both have had fires break out in their bus depots with the larger incident taking place in Stuttgart. The link between the fires and electric buses has yet to be definitively made by investigators. The evidence seems to have been conveniently burned which for now avoids the immediate and inconvenient possible causes of the fires which have one thing and common, burned out electric busses. The Green agenda is not happy.

Munich and Stuttgart Suspend Electric Bus Rollout

German safety official told RT TV that the risk of electric vehicle fires is ‘completely unaddressed.’ The fires prompted the cities of Munich and Stuttgart to suspend the use of these lithium battery-powered buses, and Heinrich Duepmann of Germany’s Electricity Consumer Protection Association said that he shares their concerns ​​– not just about buses, but electric vehicles in general.

“The risk of these fires, including in other locations such as bicycle basements or large apartment blocks, is completely unaddressed,” he said. “Also, insurance companies are not yet tackling the issue.” Such inconvenient concerns are being completely ignored by the politically correct ‘environ mentalists’ who scream about carbon emissions from traditionally powered vehicles.

Lithium-ion Batteries Burn Ferociously

Lithium-ion batteries championed by ‘environ mentalists’ are highly toxic and used ones will pose a major disposable problem an inconvenience that no one is addressing with the Green Agendas heads where the sun doesn’t shine.

Electric vehicles can catch fire if damaged, or during charging or spontaneously for no known reason. E-buses have been shown to catch fire very rapidly. Four shuttle buses in Guangxi, China, exploded into flames with intense toxic smoke roaring upward. Lithium burns ferociously on contact with air, and these fires are extremely difficult to extinguish. Burning, lithium-ion batteries emit toxic quantities of fluoride gas. Electric vehicle fires become critical and highly dangerous because of the chain reaction involved the burning battery acts as a powerful fire accelerant and must burn out completely taking up to two days.

Temperature Temper Tantrum Cars

Recent studies have shown that cold temperatures significantly reduce the performance of electric vehicles, especially when it comes to battery life. One study by the American Automobile Association say that cold temperatures can reduce the range of the batteries in most electric cars by over 40 percent. The performance can be even worse when interior heaters are used. Even electric car owners who live in hot climates have problems with their electric cars. High temperatures can also reduce battery range, although to a lesser degree. Are Electric vehicles a solution that is more of a problem?


  1. Electric cars – Issues
    Are Electric cars as great as establishment ‘experts’ would have us believe? all establishment organisations are all on board with it.
    The manufacture of EV batteries are extremely environmentally unfriendly, aren’t they suppose to solve tis problem?
    The production of lithium batteries is a hugely energy intensive process, also there is the exploitation of young people in African countries in mines.
    Lithium batteries cannot be recycled. Lithium batteries can incinerate and have caused cargo planes to crash.
    Ev battery’s have a limited life span and, Ev batteries are sensitive to temperature, if all vehicles on the road were EVs how would the national grid cope?.
    Ev batteries deplete considerably when vehicles are driven strongly.
    Range anxiety is a real issue with Evs.
    Resale value of electric cars is questionable.
    The Length of time it takes to charge the batteries

    Small ranges and long charging times can put a strain on any road trip plans.
    You can’t plan a fast trip in an electric car without knowing the location of charging stations. You will also need to know the estimated duration of charging or supercharging. Other factors to be aware of are the latest weather conditions and temperature changes. Those metrological circumstances affect the electric car’s range significantly
    Electric vehicles demand more electricity. That comes from thermoelectric or nuclear power plants, which are extremely dangerous because they’re choking the Earth. The rising demand for electric power will only raise the level of global pollution. This is actually far beyond what internal combustion engines are doing now.

    Cost of vehicle

    If you own an electric car, you can forget going to your local shop or fixing it inexpensively. Regardless of the type and the model, all-electric vehicles require specific maintenance and service procedures as well as extremely high safety standards.

    Also, servicing electric cars can be quite dangerous because most of the car’s mechanics consist of battery packs under high voltage. Also, in case of a fire, you can’t just put it out with water. You have to use a special fire extinguisher since the batteries burn at a much higher temperature.

    One of the main downsides of having a big battery pack underneath your car is the additional weight. While most modern vehicles are heavy due to all the extra safety and comfort options, electric vehicles are the heaviest champions. On smaller models like the Kia Soul EV, the electric batteries add around 450 extra pounds of weight.
    However, on some of the high-end models like the Tesla Model X, the battery pack weighs in at over 1,000 pounds. Also, the car itself weighs over 2.3 tons. Heavy vehicles mean more tyre wear, more energy consumption, and maintenance too.
    If an electric car’s battery runs low and that car is travelling in a one lane road with no room for other traffic to pass, the road may be held up for hours.

    Although there are some electric supercars with insane high speeds like the Rimac Concept One, most regular everyday EVs are quite slow. The top speed of the Golf E or Kia Soul EV is limited to below 100 mph, for instance.

    Tesla may tease their fans with the Cybertruck, a rig they designed to be the first fully-electric commercial vehicle, but the truth is, that is far from reality. No matter how strong or big your battery pack is, the energy consumption under a heavy load is excessive.

    Most upscale electric vehicles like Tesla Model S or Porsche Tycan have advanced infotainment and driving aid systems as standard equipment. Tesla even has the infamous autonomous driving system, which has proven to be far from perfect, resulting in many crashes, even some fatal ones.

    Although almost all the major car manufacturers have at least one electric vehicle in their lineup, most of their CEOs are not fully convinced that electric cars are the future of the industry. Their board of directors and marketing people have observed how problematic the EVsegment is, so they hesitate to go all-in on electric cars.
    So why are electric cars pushed on the general public so much, its called a document called Agenda 21 and now Agenda 30 which mandates electric cars only on the road if memory serves, the Rockefeller oil interests have sold their oil , all establishment mouthpieces are on board with the frequently mentioned climate change scam.
    According to American youtuber Scotty Kilmer €12.90 100 miles for ev versus €8.58 for 100 miles with a car that does 33 mpg
    So how do you get Joe Average to buy into the ev craze? You broadcast mainstream media how great evs are (carrot), introduce substantial grants to purchase (more carrots), constantly repeat the need to save the planet from ‘climate change’ issue mandate evs will be the only vehicle on sale after 2030 (Stick).


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