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Irish Guantanamo

Supreme Court judge Ms. Iseult O’Malley made law on 19th October 2019. I have been researching the topic of “Judges being corporations sole”, and lawmakers simultaneously.
I believe that I can tie it, or enjoin that ISSUE, relative to the Lunacy Regulation (Ireland) Act 1871, and the “OFFICE” of the Lord Chancellor of Ireland (abolished 5th December 1922) as purportedly vested by sec 9 of the Courts Supplemental Provisions Act 1961, in the President of the High Court.

It is now obvious to me from my research, there was an interregnum (vacuum of Statutory Courts empowerment not being established by law) for many years up to the present time for many reasons. The most obvious being the fact that on the 5th day of December 1922, the Westminster Parliament, abolished the office of Lord Chancellor of Ireland.

The structure of the Courts Service, empowers the Minister for Justice, in conjunction with the Registrar of Wards to exert financial controls from the time a person is Declared to be a Ward of Court. This is evinced by the Judges declaratory order which inherently demands a complete accounting of the person’s financial means.

I believe these persons are unwitting victims of a judicial fraud that is supervised by the President of the High Court in the role of Purported Successor to the Lord Chancellorship of Ireland. The person who is made a Ward of Court has their monies and/or property per say subjected to an illegal attachment, and then administratively controlled by an artificial entity.

The Question I am positing to myself, and the general public in the role of common man/woman jury, which should be answered, is:

“Does the holdover powers of the Crown vested in the Successor to the Lord Chancellor represent a CORPORATION SOLE”?

From my perspective, many of the cultural wardship practices indicate such is the case, more so because it is an ad hoc arbitrary, and vague self governing system, that has never operated on the basis of rule of law with regulations, drafted, scrutinized and passed by parliamentary lawmakers.
The result of this system is a disastrous breach of fundamental rights and freedoms, which empowers the HSE to abuse the rights of hospital patients, and nursing home residents, whom they falsely detain on the basis of purported “dementia”. This patient is de-facto interned without trial, and I label this as an “IRISH GUANTANAMO” which has been approved by Supreme Court judge Ms. Iseult O’Malley on 19th October 2019.

This automatically falls into the realm of breach of Article 40 rights, and Habeas Corpus.
In Northern Ireland there is a developed code of practice and guidelines for those involved in DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY of hospital patients that must be followed before any loss of patients’ autonomous personal rights is contemplated or commenced.

What we have in effect in the Republic of Ireland, is in fact JUDGES have become legislators and lawmakers in their own mini fiefdom of a Judicial Oireachtas consisting of legislating, administering, and judicially deciding the fate of anyone of We, the People as if they are for all intent and purposes, an empowered body given free hand to act as they please from the old illegal holdover modus operandi of the Crown Sovereign.

The hypocrisy is such that UK law has forbidden for many years the type of abuse, of firstly making persons Wards of Court without due process and safeguards, while down south in the Republic the Executive and Judiciary in conjunction with the Oireachtas are using an illegal system of law that was repealed almost 100 years ago.


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