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Vaccine deaths Democide Deaths

THE TSUNAMI OF DEATHS ARE HERE, EXCESS DEATHS IN THE US ARE NOW 2.5 MILLION PER MONTH!! Ireland sees 42% more deaths in January and February 2023 compared to pre-COVID levels. ‘When we see excess death rates 3,000 higher in a small six-week period than they were in a six-week period pre-COVID, we can’t have the Government standing idly by,‘ said Aontu’s (Finn Fein light) Peadar Tóibín. Ireland’s death rate is now significantly higher than before and during the Covid spread. Opposition Leinster House politicians have been calling for a full investigation into the cause as if they didn’t know or are still in denial. Weren’t they all complicit in promoting the lockdowns and the mandated roll out of the untested death dealing vaccine?

RIP.ie figures analysed by the woke Irish Times owned Irish Examiner show that the death rate was up by:

  • 42% between December 1st 2022 and January 25th 2023 (9,718 deaths) in comparison to the corresponding 8 weeks up to January 25th 2019 (6,802 deaths).
  • 20% higher than the same period a year earlier.
  • 19% higher than the corresponding period two years ago when the Irish government mandated another period of lockdown before Christmas 2020 and the roll out the vaccinations earlier in 2021.

Isn’t the relationship between the lockdowns and the untested vaccine ‘role out’ obvious?

The Horse Has Bolted

Aontú leader Peadar Toibin told the Newstalk Breakfast programme that those figures indicate “something very, very serious that is happening.  “The key point is this – and this is really, really important – the Government needs to investigate this very, very clearly, in a scientific fashion. He fails to ask ‘where was the science when an untested vaccine was roled out’ as he went on “We need to get rid of the word ‘maybe’. When we see death rates 3,000 higher in a small six-week period than they were in a six-week period pre-COVID, we can’t have the Government standing idly by.”  “When there was an elevated death rate in 2020, the government closed down the country. Here we have an elevated death rate and there are crickets coming from the government in terms of real scientific analysis,” he continued.

Tóibín, had obtained similarly startling figures from the CSO the Central Statistics Office last December showing that the second quarter of 2022 had 39.2% more deaths than during the same period of 2021, as he suggested that the reduction in cancer screenings and hospital services during the series of COVID lockdowns may be the cause of the spike in deaths. Has he still failed to open his eyes and his mind to the untested vaccine induced deaths? The horse has bolted Peadar.

Alibies for Excess Deaths

There were between 876 and 1,192 excess deaths from March to September 2020.

  • HIQA the Health and Information Quality Authority estimated that there were 13% more deaths between March 11th and June 16th 2020 than would have occurred if the pandemic had not happened. This is an inference that the pandemic caused those excess deaths without providing any substantiating evidence.
  • According to EU figures Ireland’s excess deaths in December 2022 was the highest excess mortality rate since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ireland had the fourth highest excess mortality rate of the 27 EU member states last December. Again there is the unsubstantiated inference that the pandemic caused those excess deaths.
  • EU figures reveal 25.4% more deaths in December compared to the average death rate for the same month between 2016 and 2019. This represents the highest monthly excess death rate since the beginning of Covid-19 in April 2020 when it reached 38% a sharp increase on the November figures of 15.5%. The unsubstantiated inference continues.

The European Commission figures are a general overview of the mortality by counting all deaths regardless of cause.

  • Only Germany (+37.3%), Austria (+27.4%) and Slovenia (+25.9%) had higher excess mortality rates than Ireland.
  • The average increases across the EU was 19% the highest recorded average value during 2022.
  • Romania and Bulgaria recording levels below normal. Hungary, Luxembourg, Spain and Malta excess death rates were less than half the EU average.
  • The European Commission, confirms that the excess deaths largely coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • They recorded in April 2020 (+25%), November 2020 (+40%), April 2021 (+21%) and November 2021 (+27%). It excuses a sharp excess mortality rise last July as possibly due to the heatwaves that affected parts of Europe. The absence of scientific evidence again raises its inquiring head.
  • Apart from the start of the pandemic in 2020, Ireland’s excess mortality rate remained below the EU average until March 2022.
  • Over the past 12 months it stayed above the EU average apart from last July. In the absence of Covid as the excess death rates continue to grow, how will the continue explaining their causes? Will they ever admit that the untested vaccine is a deadly killer whose peak is still a long way from being reached?

Donnelly’s Folly

Stephen Donnelly, the Minister for Health in response to a parliamentary question said that provisional figures showed an excess of deaths from pneumonia and influenza over a three-week period between December and January including an increase in all deaths among 75-84 year-olds in the two final weeks of December. He said the excess mortality estimates for recent weeks were “reported with some uncertainty and should be interpreted with caution.” The Department of Health and the Health Protection Surveillance Centre actively monitor excess mortality rates to quantify the impact of seasonal influenza, pandemics and other threats to public health. What about vaccine death and injuries Mr Donnelly?

Donnelly said the HPSC anticipated additional excess mortality for the 2022/23 winter period between December and January noting that excess mortality was also observed during previous periods when the flu viruses had been circulating at high levels and during periods of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Influenza activity was at very high levels in Ireland during December 2022 and early-mid January 2023, with a high number of influenza hospitalisations reported. Other important factors that may impact excess mortality include the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, circulation of other respiratory viruses, impacts of cold weather, an ageing population, health-seeking behaviour and access to healthcare.”

Isn’t it interesting that he is still ignoring the growing mountain of evidence that the main contributor to excess deaths is the reaction to the untested and unproven vaccine that he so relentlessly kept pushing?



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