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Wake UP and Open your Eyes!

A message to Irish people readers from right2freedom.org
Let’s open our eyes and see the most diverse behind-the-scenes monstrous plans that are currently being implemented. Let’s find a way to rise to a higher level of consciousness to stop evil.
It may seem that we are small and insignificant as individuals in this vast cruel world. This is precisely the view that the system that rules our planet and is implemented by Western civilization wants us to keep in mind.
“Why would you do anything that would disrupt your comfort or make you think minimally on your own and make self-willed decisions?”
“You are too small and insignificant to change anything with your actions. Give up before you even start doing it. ”
So far, everything has worked that way, and we see where it has taken us.
The only way to change something for the better is for all of us as individuals to start behaving more responsibly in spreading awareness and knowledge that everything can still change for the better if each of us contributes to those changes.
Let’s wake up those around us who are still asleep.



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