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A New Ireland Blueprint Towards the new Republic part I

The system is broken. It’s like Humpy Dumpy. “All the king’s horses and all the kings men can’t patch the old system back together again.” A new system must and will take its place whether we participate in its creation or not. That’s just the nature of things.

You are now in a position of choice. You can allow a new slave master hierarchy to take up where the old one have left off or you can express your sovereignty by participating in the creation of a new system.

Presently there is no working system, just a chaotic attempt to hold on and maintain power at all costs. Surely you can see that all around you?

The spirit to create the new Ireland

In a World Where All Political Parties Regurgitate the Same Old Crap

A political movement, a people’s movement or a party whether seeking office or not must have a clearly defined roadmap and a worthy vehicle of solutions which will clearly deliver its message that will not only attract members to it but keep them. One primary solution is all that is needed in this world of political and financial chaos that is held together or falling apart with its lies. This time of chaos presents a wonderful opportunity for a new vision of a new future from a new source.

  • It must have a clear and comprehensive vision of what it is offering how it aims to make it a reality,
  • It must show how it aims to represent the people
  • It must show with clarity how it will exercise power for the peoples benefit

To achieve this it must have a team of dedicated quality people who can powerfully deliver their message with such strength, such emotion and such integrity that the party or movement can achieve power.

Parallels to 1918

If it could be done in the Ireland of 1918 it can be done now. Today’s Leinster House parties are in as much disarray now as Redmond’s Party were in 1918. Stormont is also in disarray.  This situation presents us with an opportunity we must be in a position to take advantage of.

The movement would be able to relate their vision and message to the people in a compellingly attractive way that will inspire and motivate the people to join them or vote for them. That visionary presentation must have practical substance, clarity of delivery and social cohesiveness to attract and inspire the people to actively support this new vision for the future of the Irish Nation and Irish society.

The Present reality

We must recognise that most people are completely disillusioned by the present social and political landscape. For a future movement or party to succeed, it must harness the national spirit like never before to reignite the people’s latent idealism, their passion and the enthusiasm like that which created the ‘new politics’ in Ireland that resulted in the 1919 First Dáil.

It must involve, inspire and empower the people to take an active part in the creation of the social conditions for a better and more inclusive future for the Irish people north and south. We believe that enthusiastic involvement of the people can be ignited towards the common good given the inherent idealism of our people. Idealism is inherent in the human spirit but it lies dormant until ignited or activated. Then it becomes an unstoppable force.

Politics must become a visible means for not just serving the common good but for creating an inclusive prosperous infrastructure and a favourable environment that the people can directly embrace and benefit from at every strata of society.

  1. The present political conditions where all establishment parties are engaged in a neo liberal globalist agenda alienates the people while offering us a unique opportunity to address the very real and totally ignored needs of our people so we can truly create and express ourselves as Ireland’s only true National Party. ‘Ireland first, People First,’ should be the party’s slogan.
  2. The parallels between today and the political landscape that led to the political revolution of the 1918 general election are uncanny. The political redundancy of Redmond’s Westminster focused Irish Party with their backs turned away from the needs and aspirations of the Irish people mirrors today’s Brussels and globalist focus of all establishment Irish parties who again have their backs turned away from the Irish people.
  3. This leads to the very wide chasms in our society where the rule of law is trampled on by the politicians and their appointed compliant judiciary, where the political establishment collectively contribute to evictions, homelessness, food queues, enforced vaccinations and great poverty which is degrading the very fabric of society.
  4. We are now living in a corporate feudal society where poverty and wage slavery has become the norm. A small but fat elite takes all. There is no political accountability. These facts must be faced up to and the despondent misery and complacency it creates must be actively dispelled. This requires visionary leadership and a clear comprehensive plan of action must be created, sold to the people and implemented at every level of society to remedy the inequality and social injustices prevalent in our midst.
  5. The deteriorating chaotic political and economic conditions under which most people live will require a revolution in thinking of heroic proportions requiring a comprehensive plan for the complete overhaul and transformation of Irish society. At present equality of opportunity in contemporary Ireland is non-existent. We must create the foundations, the conditions and the structures for our society where tomorrow’s leaders present the people with a vision and a working plan for a ‘new politics’ and a new society and where the politicians are at all times answerable to the people.
  6. Economic, social and political patchwork reform in a broken system won’t work. The urgent need for a completely new blueprint for a New Ireland devoid of the divisive imported political ideologies of Left and Right is imperative.
  7. The creation of “A New Ireland Blueprint” is an immediate and urgent requirement that must be addressed now. Those who oppose such revolutionary reform do so from ignorance or from their vested interest in the status quo. Their rhetoric no longer ring true nor is it an expression of honest truth. They will be swept away like Redmond’s discredited Westminster Irish Party by a new party with “A New Ireland Blueprint”.
  8. Paying lip service to improving the conditions of Irish Society with nothing of substance to bring them about is endemic of the political redundancy of successive Leinster House parties and Regimes. The Blueprint for a New Ireland will require new blueprints for industry, agriculture, fisheries, education, health and all our social services. No existing government departments, think tanks, consultants or economic advisor adherents of the present dispensation will be of any use in this endeavour. Solutions don’t come from those who created or contributed to the present problems in the first place are not a suitable source of solutions. Action of the nature we envisage is not within the scope of any establishment parties. New thinking from new sources is required.
  9. This blueprint must embrace personal freedom and personal sovereignty and provide the ability to express it in a meaningful way for all our people as an absolute necessity for a healthy society.
  10. Irish society like all others is in a constant state of change. Present societal changes in Ireland are externally driven, counterproductive and dangerously chaotic resulting in an epidemic of drug dependency to gender confusion which are symptomatic of societal breakdown and decay.
  11. Political leadership has failed in its responsibilities to meet the challenges of changing times. Endemic political corruption has further fuelled regressive trends in society. Ireland is a small homogenous entity. Despite that an open dialogue between the people and the government has never been encouraged and has never taken place. Government packed sham ‘Peoples Parliaments’ have failed to fulfil this need.
  12. Ireland was a mixed economy fuelled by a large and productive agricultural base. This was deliberately suppressed and replaced by making the country host to and dependent on transient multinational corporations with no commitment to the people or stake in the country. The destruction of the rural agricultural based society has raped and murdered the social fabric and the backbone of the nation.
  13. Conflict between the public and private sectors is another outcome of bad and divisive planning, imported ideology and a complete lack of leadership. We have ended up with an unholy debt enslaved society as a direct result of self serving political treachery.

Economic Planning

Both economic and infrastructural planning must start from the framework of a completely new economic base. This base would consist of a Community Banking system such as that which has largely sustained the German economy for more than two hundred years and five other foundational components we will address shortly.

This is much more than making a political party attractive to voters but that is a vitally important component and it is vitally important to the success of the plan. Otherwise there would be no one to carry out the plan.

Ireland’s commercial banks are our worst and most malignant disease. They will continue to be so unless there is a new political dispensation with the courage to replace them with a more equitable system.

Pyramid Power

Irelands present pyramid power based structures both North and South concentrate all power at the top with no accountability leaving it open to manipulation and prone to the corruption that both states establishments are drowning in. That pyramid is crushing the people and people based initiatives with red tape and it urgently needs to be turned upside down.

The endemic abuse of power and position proliferates because once elected Ireland’s representatives are no longer accountable to the people. They only answer to the banks, multinational corporations and Brussels.

This imbalance has turned our semblance of democracy into a growing state of Corporate Feudalism with the express aim of wiping out all competition from small native businesses. This system is an open invitation to abuse and corruption and must be abolished for the success of any future form of Irish enterprise and government.

Adaptation of the Swiss model would turn that pyramid of corruption and abuse upside down and return power to the sovereign people from whom all institutions, all power and sovereignty are derived.

People Power

The people’s direct involvement in the new economy must be paramount to its implementation with the people being actively empowered participants in the economy at every level instead of today’s model where the people are voiceless economic slaves where even the Trade Unions have abandoned them. This will require a complete restructuring of the legal and lawful framework for business structures such as co-ops and companies.

The bottom line at present for companies and especially corporations is stock value and profit at all costs. That makes them nothing more than profit driven paper psychopaths that leads to the abuse of both the people and the environment.

Companies and corporations have had a free for all in this respect that has led to terrible human cost and the destruction of what was Ireland’s pristine environment. The present corporate model is no longer sustainable and can no longer remain hidden behind the excuses of useless and destructive ‘Green Policy’ sticking plaster solutions.

For true sustainability that puts people and the environment first, the legal and lawful corporate structure of all business entities must place people and the environment before profits every time. Slogans such as ‘people before profit’ are meaningless rhetoric without a completely new set of practical supporting structures free from divisive ideologies.

A Model for a Prosperous New Ireland

Government in Ireland doesn’t work in the people’s interest. The present divisive and divided systems of government in Ireland both north and south are so centralised and unaccountable to the people that they inevitably breed graft and corruption. This can and must be changed for not just viability but for a prosperous Ireland.

Adaptation of the Swiss model for Ireland would turn that pyramid of corruption and abuse upside down and return power to the people from whom all institutions, all power and sovereignty itself are derived. It would also make the present ‘Two States’ division of the Irish Nation redundant because this system respects both traditions and allows them to flourish without intruding on one another and without conflict.

We in Ireland don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create a smooth running political and economic future for our nation and all of our people. The bumpy wheels of administration on an increasingly bumpy road are getting us nowhere fast other than into repeated cul de sac’s of austerity, misery and conflict. This includes the Swiss political model, one that Michael Collins was considering for uniting Ireland but never had the opportunity to develop.

The (1) Swiss political model together with the (2) German Community Banking model, the (3) Transactional Tax System, (4) the revived Irish Co-Op movement built into a programme of (5) Economic Nationalism would create the framework conditions to turn an impoverished, divided and distressed Ireland into a united and prosperous nation and finally (6) a National Constitutional Oversight Commission to keep government and all relevant institutions on track.

National Revival

Those six models would create jobs, wealth, rural and national revival as well as stemming emigration. They would provide the foundation and basis for a new and prosperous Ireland. Political and economic power and wealth creation would now be returned to their true source, the Irish people who could express their industry and their genius at home for a change.

We need to go outside of our present thinking and outside of our country to look at other models such as those presented here for potential solutions. Here’s a smooth running set of wheels or a model worthy of close examination. That includes:

  1. a revived Irish Co-Op Movement,
  2. a Swiss based political model,
  3. a German Community Banking model
  4. a model for Economic Nationalism.
  5. a Transactional Tax model
  6. a National Oversight Commission

Let us look at each of those in turn (not presented in any particular order) and how they can be blended together into one cohesive programme and applied in the Ireland of today for a massive economic, political and national revival and renaissance.


  1. You seem Trumpy. What BS about “external forces” causing drug problems & “gender confusion”. Guessing you are anti immigrant & anti LGBTQ by the sounds of it. Your article is rubbish designed to attract a mob. Very Trumpy indeed although I’ll admit Trump could not even write that well. LOL

    • Thank you for that Eileen,
      Now that you have got all that off your chest, we would be delighted to hear your positive contribution,

    • Research Eileen and you might not find Tom far out and trumpy ??? If you done some research on POTUS you might find the MSM telling you the ODD lie here and there, Ah shure just the ODD one………….

  2. Our greatest enemy for the Irish People is within oneself. Everyday I witness by reading, people who have never learned how to think independently outside of the comfort molly coddling of the IRISH STATE.
    People have not learned ” how to learn” to be self starters, but always have their hand out and their mouths open like beggars at their State masters table.

    The old saying is true ” no use looking at bread on another mans table”. In fact the IRISH STATE is the biggest beggar at the EU money table.
    Its great to be aspirational for IREXIT, but not practical with a large percentage of the social welfare population being layabouts fraudulently claiming benefits when they are well able to work.


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