Friday, June 21, 2024

Man shot dead reading stoic literature

Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York. Friedrich Waszumteufel had his life rescinded by New York State Police Special Operations Response Team (SORT) members in Central...
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When Oh When Will It Stop? The Great Groaning Of 2020 started in March of that year and hasn't yet ceased: That was when complaining became the world's favourite new...
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The Exciting New Plan For Ireland

Demand for visitor accommodation in Ireland is so intense that there are hardly any beds left available.   Take Newtownmountkennedy for example. This sleepy little town in Wicklow...

Few names are as revered in the world of architecture than the father of the International Style

- Edouard Jeanneret, or as he is better known- Le Corbusier. LC was a Swiss-French architect obsessed with the idea of creating "machines for living...

The Extraordinary, Hidden Power Of Shit

Why weren't we told about this before? It turns out that airplanes will some day be powered by human fudge.   But here’s our question: How is it...

Donaldson the First of Many Sex Abuse Dominos About to Fall

Holier than thou Jeffrey Donaldson a bastion of Northern Irelands Unionist establishment, leader of the DUP and Westminster MP for Lagan Valley has been...

Sinn Fein’s Terrified Hate Speech U Turn

The Government’s draconian hate-speech bill wasn’t strong enough for Sinn Fein. They wanted it expanded to give the undocumented illegals special protection under the...

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Sinn Fein denies Gerry Adams ‘set up’ IRA Loughgall ambush

State Papers 1987: Sinn Féin president was accused of being behind the killings about 18 hours ago Peter Murtagh, Ed Carty --- Irish Times Dec 29, 2017 Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams...

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TUT-011223-CN Copyright Notice: All Rights reserved re common-law Copyright of trade-name/trade-mark, TUMELO UNATHI TLOU© as well as any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of...

Disease x has already wiped out most of planet

Only 6 billion survivors left on planet earth. When will the nightmare end?   That’s the question that’s been on the minds of several officials at WHO...

Canadian province no longer permits doctors to mutilate children

Outrage as children now barred from having body parts removed. Worldwide outrage follows at the draconian measures announced by the Canadian legislature of Alberta, Canada.   Premier...


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Gender Bender Department of Education

Education Minister Norma Foley and the Ombudsman for Children need to pay attention to the voices of parents and even children. The Department of Education have gone gender bender...

‘Dads Army’ and ‘Yellow Pack’ Gardaí

The Gardaí are in disarray with low recruitment figures, 71 resignations from the force already this year and 172 retiring in the first six...

Government love outreach programme launched

Governments sometimes worry that Citizens feel they are being taken for granted; That they might feel that it’s all take and no give. That...

“Fruitface ™” technology will save lives

Novel tech sends shockwaves through medical community. "8th November 2023 will be remembered as the day when everything changed.”   “We now have an unbeatable weapon against the...